Awards – venue, styling, lighting, projection, entertainment & sound

Our client, a major PR agency, wanted a spectacular awards ceremony and after party – to say thank you to their people.

Our client wanted an engaging experience for 240 people, to say thank you to them, and celebrate the greatest achievements throughout the year.


Working closely with the PR agency, we designed the experience to be relevant to the audience demographic. Working closely with the venue, we designed the venue transformation so everything was complementary to the PR agency, the venue and the awards experience. To help the client relax, we managed the overall event in terms of the venue, the schedule, the room layout, styling, lighting, projection, sound, entertainment and more.


240 people celebrated the international achievements of our clients PR agency. Everyone enjoyed the drinks reception, atmosphere, compere, awards, guests speakers, and dancing through to 1am. Conversations started, connections were made, moments were enjoyed, and content & experiences were shared.