Wellbeing Workshop

‘Yoganomics’ – wellness programmes can save you money

Corporate wellness programs don’t need to just be about discounted gym memberships. Our wellbeing workshops offers you bespoke program, inc mindfulness workshops, yoga classes, meditation course, and office techniques to ensure your team are healthy and happy. For organisations that want to create a unique programme incorporating all aspects of mindfulness or if you want to create a one off yoga session on the roof of your building – this activity is perfect for you.

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  • Health based: for happiness & health.
  • Designed: around the needs of your team.

  • Energy focused: boosts energy/productivity.

  • Transforming: energy, health & performance.

  • Improves: engagement, productivity, behaviours.

  • Improves: relationships, morale & communication.

  • Experiential learning: provides RoI into workplace.

  • Develops: people & teams, through experiences.

  • Flexible: aligned to your plans, budget & people.

  • Motivation: increases, via shared achievements.

  • Fun & engaging: experiential learning/memories.

  • Team-Work: increases through shared experiences.


  • Well-Being Facilitator: on-site, with you.
  • All event costs: equipment, location & staffing.

  • Packages: 1 to 5 days – flexible options/locations.

  • Design: to your specific aims/needs/requirements.

  • Planning: e.g. design meetings & venue selection.

  • Production: aims, experiences, outcomes & value.

  • Delivery: venue, logistics, schedule, transport.

  • Venue Management: rooms, food & schedule.

  • Review & feedback reporting: for your team.

  • Extra experiences (optional): fun, outdoor.

  • Expenses (optional): transport, food.

  • Insurance: included.

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