Staffing, Ambassadors & Talent 

What ever you need, where ever you need it. We manage everything from recruitment/managing staff, to stands/vehicles & spaces, and festivals/campaigns. Our services include;

  • highly experienced and engaging Brand Ambassadors
  • Talent & Staffing (all our staff have event experience and are actors or dancers)
  • Locations & Spaces
  • Sampling & Activations
  • Consumer engagement
  • Experiences & Interaction
  • Campaigns & Content
  • Reports & Data

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Staffing, Ambassadors & Talent- for festivals, road-shows & campaigns

What ever you need, where ever you need it. We’re not the type of agency to provide you with inexperienced kids or uni students. Every individual member of staff is hand picked at a recruitment day so we can assure that we pick the right people for the job, to make sure their persona and skills is aligned to your brand. All our brand ambassadors are either dancers or actors so they are charismatic and engaging. Staff will be fully trained before the event to make sure they create the right lasting impression and enable your consumers to remember the brand in the most positive way.

It’s all about talent! Our approach differentiates us – we work with you on storytelling, campaign planning, location & talent selection, consumer engagement, experiences and memories, and digital/data integration – all supported by campaign-led targets and tangible results/reports.

The range of our talent includes Brand Ambassadors, sampling and road-show/campaign staff, all supported by a colourful range of visually engaging talent including street artists, BMXers, skateboarders, acrobats, break-dancers and more. Their experience includes retail activations, sampling campaigns, sports ground experiences, food festivals, road-shows, exhibitions and UK wide campaigns.

Our services include;

  • Ambassadors: 100+ experiences & savvy staff, fully auditioned/selected, with flexible profiles to match your campaign.
  • Talent & Staffing: 200+ hand-picked acts, carefully selected for their authenticity, appeal and engagement.
  • Locations & Spaces: across city hubs, town high streets, or those hard-to reach places – we’ll find them.
  • Sampling & Activations: staff, stands, vehicles, locations, spaces, logistics, branding & engagement.
  • Consumer engagement: targeting, profiling, switching, interaction, engagement & memories.
  • Experiences & Interaction: engagement, games, food, sampling, photos, prizes & content.
  • Campaigns & Content: support, design, planning, staffing, production & delivery.
  • Reports & Data: footfall, engagement, sampling, product, surveys & reach.

Our approach provides the RoI and lasting posistive impression.

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