72 Hours in Iceland (MICE Events)

The team at Make Happen can often be caught talking about their dream destinations or where they’re travelling to for their next event. If there’s one thing we’re sure of is the whole team at Make Happen love to travel!

We know all too well that people often have less time and incentive trips need to pack a pretty good punch, below we’ve compiled our advice on what to do if you’ve got 72 hours to enjoy Iceland.

Iceland’s breathtaking waterfalls and scenery is a great choice for incentives. In the summer you can have up to nearly 24 hours of sunshine and in winter you can experience ice glaciers and pure white snow for miles. With it’s quick flight time, diversity of activities and scenery it’s a popular choice in the MICE industry.

There’s a wide choice of hotels in and around Iceland, ranging from international brands to boutique hotels. We recommend Canopy by Hilton, it has a style you’ll want to steal, a nod to its local culture and art.

If you’re looking to plan a leadership retreat or wanting something special ,the ION hotel is a one of a kind option that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. You can see the Northern lights and have a drink on your balcony at the same time.

In Iceland’s capital (Reykjavik), the hotel industry is expanding drastically – there are approximately 180 hotels and guesthouses with around 5000 rooms to suit your MICE needs.

Iceland is home to a selection of the most contemporary, stylish and modern event spaces in the world. Venues include state of the art technology and a high standard of customer service. We couldn’t recommend Iceland more – it’s one of our favourite places.

Harpa concert hall & conference centre located in Reykjavík draws you in with its architecture and uniqueness. The eco-friendly building has hosted conventions, exhibitions, conferences, cultural events since 2011, it can accommodate up to 3,500 guests.

Iceland offers a full incentive and retreat package for MICE buyers.

Day 1

Morning: A half-day meeting or strategy meeting with a light lunch.
Afternoon: Arrive in Keflavik in the afternoon and be met by 6 super-jeeps that whisk you off in true Icelandic style to the first location of the trip, the Ion Adventure Hotel.
Dinner: Drinks in the Northern Lights bar and an Icelandic feast.
After Dinner: Explore the Aurora Borealis first hand, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Day 2

Morning: Take an early morning tour around the Golden Circle, witness Iceland’s largest waterfall and famous geysers.
Afternoon/Dinner: Spend the afternoon snowmobiling in a secluded spot and dine under the stars for a private dining experience.

Day 3

Morning: Get up early to experience a sunrise morning hike on a glacier, grab a quick breakfast with a stunning backdrop of hot springs and waterfalls.
Afternoon: On the way to the airport, take a drive over to the Blue Lagoon for one last treat. Make sure you arrange fast track in advance as it can often get busy. Relax in the geothermal spa, sipping a glass of bubbly reminiscing on your trip.

In Iceland, you can take a four-wheel drive for a spin, climb a sheer wall of ice, trek along a glacier, dive into a crevice and swim between the Eurasian and American continental plates.

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