Activate your leadership meetings and incentives ahead of time

COVID-19 changed the way so many businesses work, think and respond.

The world is slowly but surely starting to re-open and we’ve seen a lot of successful businesses not hold back when it comes to activating leadership meetings & incentives.

Here at Make Happen we’ve been busy planning meetings & incentives varying from 20 to 400 delegates and have noticed a huge hunger for travel. We understand every client and business is different and will bounce back when they’re ready.

That being said, here’s three ways you can activate your leadership meetings & incentives ahead of time to avoid getting caught up in the predicted supply and demand issues.

Don’t wait around, get ahead! 

Typically, a business will need to plan its incentive or leadership meeting anything up to 12 months in advance. Depending on the size of the group, the scope & location it could be much longer. 

Picture this, it’s 2022 and travel bans have lifted globally. The board has decided it’s time to reward the leadership team because they have spent two years of uncertainty powering through and smashing every single obstacle that has gotten in their way. 

You now have the matter of months to find, plan and source a world class leadership meeting or incentive. There will be 1000’s of other businesses doing the exact same thing and the issue of supply and demand will arise. 

We’re seeing a surge of leading businesses planning ahead for 2022 and onwards, with flexible contracts and low-risk plans. So, plan ahead and don’t leave it too late. You can find out what steps they’re taking here

Get strategic with your planning 

Meetings & Incentives that occur in 2021 & 2022 require a new level of detailed planning for safety. 

Once you’ve got your destination and provisional dates agreed, there is now the glamorous task of getting all of the smaller arrangements in place. From the endless paperwork right the way through to ensuring insurance is covered. 

Carefull consideration is needed here, you’ll need to ensure you’re working with suppliers who are leading on some important planning principles. Keeping things in perspective, the world is actually a very safe place and we truly do not need to worry unnecessarily. However, variables include people, travellers, destinations, local situations, hotels, suppliers, communications, and more. From negotiating contracts, through to travel plans, we’ve worked hard on perfecting this and can help you to streamline any complexities. 

Communication is key

With great communication, comes instilled confidence. 

Giving organisers and participants confidence is one of the most important aspects. It requires stakeholder management, good communication, research, planning, analysis and much more. 

You will come across many people that will require reassurance and its our job to help you to install this with an action plan, clearly communicated, that will tackle any possible worry.

At Make Happen, we can handle all communication with suppliers, giving you the best possible risk free solutions. We can also work with you to install confidence in both participants and stakeholders. Take action today and enquire here