Argentina is simply incredible, and everyone should visit this wonderful country at least once in their lifetime. Highlights include Argentine Antartica, the city of Buenos Aires, the northern Iguazu Falls, the western area of Mendoza, southern Patagonia, the town of Bariloche, southern Ushuaia, seductive Tango, tasty Parilla’s, fascinating Bodegon’s, the world famous Boca Juniors, mind-blowing food, and Parisian styled architecture.

Argentina includes a wonderful variety of landscapes and communities – including the immense eastern plains, the western Andes mountain range, the southern glacial climates and the fascinating northern cultures.

For incentives, Argentina offers a variety of amazing experiences that will truly blow everyones mind.


Buenos Aires City discoveries • Pampas grasslands & gauchos • Iguazu Falls • Mendoza’s wine & sunshine • Tucuman’s colours & countryside • Bariloche’s lakes, mountains & adventures • Puerto’s Madryn’s whales & wildlife • Santa Cruz’s glaciers • Ushuaia’s coast • Antarctica’s whiteness & silence • Patagonia’s skiing & fishing & golfing • Tango & Milonga • Boca Juniors.


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