Our client Havas Lynx Group, had another amazing year of achievements and wanted help creating and producing an awards ceremony to celebrate. The awards ceremony involved all staff members, external stakeholders and a selection of high profile clients. The aim of the event was to create a unique awards evening that embodied the organisations culture and values.


With the event being on the 31st October and considering how the Havas Lynx Group always champion creativity, we knew we needed to think outside of the normal ‘Halloween’ theme box. The client was keen to avoid the usual Halloween stereotypes and clichés.

With this in mind, we suggested transforming the room into an immersive abandoned church. Covering the ceiling and artifically changing the dimensions of the room with props and styling. All theming elements would be complemented by carefully choreographer sound and lighting. For a period of three months, we worked closely with the client to design the look and feel of the room, theming elements, visualisations, presentations, content, sound, lighting, logistics, timescales and planned delivery. Three weeks out from the event, the venue was changed due to unforeseen venue/weather damage and we worked with the client to re-locate the event, adapt the concept and create a new production plan and timescales to ensure the quality of the event wasn’t compromised due to time restraints and unexpected curve balls.


The event was a unique guest experience, that ensured a close collaboration with the client, our partners and the venues logistics team. The first half of the event was a pop-up exhibition showcasing the teams most globally recognised work and projects from the last 12 months. The abandoned church theme was brought to life in the main event space. We covered the ceiling in a distressed ivy which lowered the ceiling and created a more intimate/dark atmosphere. Additional theming elements included, LED stain glass windows, LED tubes (light cracks), giant trees, a sea of candles, gothic centrepieces, a giant LED screen to display content, animated content, organ-like sound effects, tense music and pre-programmed/pre-chorographed sound and lighting effects. The event took Halloween and flipped the stereotype on its head. 400 people attended the event inclduing internal staff members, stakeholders and clients. Overall, the event was a big success, delivered seamlessly, effectively, on time and achieving a great event for Havas and it’s clients and stakeholders.


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