Discover how other businesses are returning to real life meetings

Thursday 1st July 2021, after a successful industry exhibition this week, we’ve discovered there’s a 50% split between people who are and aren’t booking in their meetings and incentives for 2021/22.

The 50% that are booking, are looking at incentives and summer/winter get togethers to connect their people after a year and a half of nothing but hard work and uncertainty. The 50% who aren’t booking, are full of questions of what other businesses are doing and what’s going on across the industry as a whole

So, we’ve digested and analysed the differences and here are the three step changes we’ve seen our clients and leading businesses taking to get back to real life meetings: 

They have belief and confidence  

It all starts by having belief and confidence. Making important business decisions is never easy and in the uncertain times we’ve faced, its only gotten harder. 

The good news is, 100’s of advisors and professionals have researched and found ways of tackling the implications the pandemic has had on travel, gifting you with the reassurance you need to gain that belief and confidence in the first place. Once you’re feeling confident about how meetings and incentives can be organised safely, you’re 1/3 of the way there.  

They’re creating travel plans 

Here’s an example of a travel plan we created for a client wanting to visit Tel Aviv this year.

The companies leadership team are based in several different offices, across the globe. Where do you start?! Well, we were able to help by using a good old spreadsheet and research. We pinpointed exactly where and how they would need to travel by looking at covid restrictions, to ensure they could be safe with minimal risk and disruption.

Do they need to be vaccinated? Do they have to self isolate on return? It’s easy for these things to get complicated but with patience and some research you can find your perfect low risk destination.

They’re not waiting around to take action 

Travel restrictions are slowly disappearing, you have to decide as a leader whether you are going to take control now or wait around and allow your team to struggle further from the pandemic.

We’re already seeing a sharp increase in companies planning for the future and the supply and demand is only going to get bigger as restrictions lift even further.

We’re working with a number of industry leading brands that recognise now is the time to get their meetings and incentives planned, whether that’s for 2021 or 2022. Join these businesses in making a step change and contact us today to talk about your 2021 and 2022 meetings and incentives.