Our client Robert Walters, is one of the world’s leading specialist recruitment consultants. They asked us to plan a 2 day incentive/reward trip their top 7 managers within their Manchester team. They wanted each day to be filled with fun, memorable & authentic experiences.

They asked us to make the trip fun, memorable & authentic – as this was important for rewarding and motivating their team, for creating a truly enjoyable experience, and for saying thank you to their best people.


To help Robert Walters choose their preferred destination and experiences, we offered itineraries for 3 great locations across the UK & Ireland, all bursting with authentic experiences. Working to our ethos we worked with our suppliers to offer Robert Walters ‘off the beaten track’ activities and excellent arrangements for flights, transfers & hotels. Dublin was the immediate favourite, as our itinerary was packed with quirky authentic experiences, that ensured everyone would be hanging out with local Dubliners, in the most authentic & fascinating places, whilst eating and drinking some of Dublin’s best offerings.

In terms of challenges, we wanted to change people’s perceptions and ensure the group had an amazing time away from the touristy areas. Robert Walters were immediately on board, so after checking with our Dublin contacts, we decided to show our incentive group the best sides of Dublin through the eyes of a Dubliner. To reward and motivate the team, we arranged a colourful mix of experiences, involving the traditional & modern sides of Dublin – in terms of people, places, sights, walking, restaurants, cocktail bars & surprise moments.

Experiences included a walking/drinking tour of Dublin’s most fascinating streets/places/architecture/pubs/history, eating at one of Dublin’s most authentic Mexican restaurants, walking down the banks of the river Liffy, visiting Dublin’s most traditional & authentic pubs, discovering the best places for Guinness, learning to play Crazy Horses, talking with local musicians, discovering the history of Dublin’s best Guinness spots, learning how to drink Guinness like a local, learning how Guinness is best served in Dublin, watching hurling & Gaelic football, learning about the history at St Stephen’s Green, practising the pronunciation of traditional Irish names, sampling Oliver Dunne’s dry aged beef at Cleaver East, the subterranean den and strange happenings at the Liquor rooms, the secrecy and oasis of the Vintage Cocktail Club, and the opulence and energy of Lillis Bordello, enjoying personalised hang-over kits, discovering the Dubliners authentic food & beer trail – and most of all enjoying the “craic agus ceol”.


Our customer & Robert Walters director said “a big thank you to Make Happen for arranging our incentive weekend. I know our team would have loved to stay longer in Dublin”. 48 hours in Dublin gave the team a completely unexpected and rewarding experience, brand new discoveries, fascinating insights to an old city, and a bunch of happy memories – all contributing to their sense of being thanked by their employer, and helping to increase motivation within their team, and the other team members across the broader Robert Walters. The activities were kept secret from the group before travel and unveiled on the morning of the trip at the airport, further increasing the level of engagement from the group and maximising the excitement. The team were really happy that we took them away from the mainstream aspects of Dublin and showed them a different side to the city.  The group experienced the true heart of Dublin and came away with memorable & motivating experiences.


“A big thank you to Make Happen for arranging our incentive weekend. I know our team would have loved to stay longer in Dublin”.


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