Edwardian Hotels Group specialise in luxury hotel & hospitality brands. In Manchester, their flagship brand is the Radisson Blu Edwardian, located in the historic Free Trade Hall. The brands history includes connections with the Halle Orchestra, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, the Sex Pistols and more.

In June 2016 the Radisson showcased their brand to 160 of their biggest clients (e.g. Zibrant, Banks Sadler, American Express etc). The aim of the showcase was to impress their clients to help drive future marketing and sales results for the group. Our brief was to curate a variety of experiences – aligned to the brand, which would impress their clients. Our client, the Edwardian Hotels Group, wanted their clients experiences to be authentic, and aligned to their brand, event and brief.


Aligned to the brand, event and brief, we designed a variety of memorable interactive experiences, which would help create personal & emotional triggers. We curated the experiences to be both background and complementary, whilst being very personal and interactive. Background experiences included a gramophone DJ using real shellac discs, harpists, violinists & toastmasters. Interactive experiences included guided tours, a live artist drawing & painting during dinner, and a silhouette artist. This approach ensured the guests would experience a memorable evening, helping to drive future sales for the Radisson.


160 guests enjoyed the evening, sampling food, cocktails, music, entertainment and live art, whilst being shown around the venue. The guests were surprised, amazed and entertained – making their showcase experience enjoyable and memorable. Guests interacted with our musicians, entertainment, live artists and more – creating moments & memories. The showcase was a huge success – resulting in 160 very happy clients and increased sales.


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