Onezeero are an IT recruitment agency, specialising in the recruitment and placement of IT support and professionals, ranging from mid-to-senior levels. With 4 UK offices, 60 staff and significant growth, Onezeero wanted to reward their sales team, with a quirky experience, that would be different the norm. They were seeking a fun day out, that would energise the team, and expose them to something they’ve never done before. 


Aligned to the brand of our client One Zeero, the Sales Managers expectations for fun, and the event brief – we designed, produced and delivered the experience at a local city centre urban skate park in Manchester. Under direction of our professional graffiti artist as their teacher, the Sales Team created and produced their own branded ‘One Zeero’ logo mural, using a variety of spray cans and techniques. The experiential engagement activity was designed to engage and reward the Sales Managers, to create a fun and memorable day out, and do something that they would normally never experience. Make Happen’s responsibilities included designing, planning and producing the entire experience for everyone involved. Aspects of the event included planning the schedule for the day, the skate park location & selection, production of a graffiti wall canvas, selection of one of the north greatest graffiti artists as a teacher, a retro ghetto blaster with tunes, and a few beers to get everyone in the mood.


Everyone loved it. The day was a huge success, and it was a different yet memorable way for One Zeero to thank you to its Sales team. The Sales Managers worked closely with our professional graffiti artists for the day, learned about the origins and history of graffiti, created their own branded ‘One Zeero’ logo mural, developed their personal graffiti tags, and overall – had a lot of fun. The experience was quite different for the Sales Managers, it took them well out of their comfort zones, encouraged them to work together as a team, and helped a few of them connect and bond – using an informal and fun experience.


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