Our services include;

  • Sampling

  • Activations

  • Launches

  • Locations

  • Staffing

  • Campaigns

  • Consumers

  • Connections

  • Experiences

  • Content

  • Ambassadors

  • Integration

  • Data

  • Reporting.

0161 465 3308 or hello@makehappen.co.uk

Experiential marketing – delivering live experiences for people and brands.

Our clients include brands, agencies and marketing managers. Our work includes launches, showcases, activations, pop-ups, road shows, exhibitions and live events. Our people and skills include storytellers, artists, designers, producers, stylists, performers & brand ambassadors. Our services include;

  • Sampling: delivery, locations, staffing, reporting.

  • Activations: engagement, experiences, data, results.

  • Launches: planning, staffing, campaign delivery, reporting.

  • Locations: finding, testing, analysis, management, staffing, data.

  • Staffing: for sampling, activations, launches, promotions, campaigns.

  • Campaigns: planning, staffing, resourcing, delivery, management, reporting.

  • Consumers: profiling, targeting, switching, opinions, feedback, data, reporting.

  • Connections: with consumers, across emotional, rational, social, physical & digital.

  • Experiences: real, face to face, evocative, interactive, emotional, memorable & shareable.

  • Content: that’s creative, attractive, valuable, relevant & timely.

  • Ambassadors: for engagement, experiences & data.

  • Integration: planning, staffing, social, data, results.

  • Data: opinions, interests, trends & reports.

  • Reporting: insights, analysis, reports.

Our approach provides the RoI. We focus on the important stuff – creative ideas, aligned design, integrated production, reliable delivery, collaborative teamwork, memorable experiences and shareable content. For more info or a chat, call us 0161 465 3308 or hello@makehappen.co.uk

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