Team Development

Fun & engaging learning experiences.

Tim is our consultant for team development, and he has 20 years ‘specialist’ experience working with FTSE 100 & 250 organisations, including Bank of America, Astra Zeneca, Kelloggs & United Utilities. Our team development service is designed to help everyone take their experiences and learning back into the work place, providing tangible/measurable/reportable RoI. Fun, flexible, engaging, and fully managed – we design everything with you – around the needs of your team, to help ‘personalise’ the learning for everyone, and ensure the value is taken back into the workplace, to help improve organisational performance.

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  • Value based: for measurable results.
  • Designed: around the needs of your team.
  • Output focused: to deliver measurable RoI.
  • Transforming: teams, people & performance.
  • Improves: engagement, productivity, behaviours.
  • Improves: relationships, morale & communication.
  • Experiential learning: provides RoI into workplace.
  • Develops: people & teams, through experiences.
  • Flexible: aligned to your plans, budget & people.
  • Motivation: increases, via shared achievements.
  • Fun & engaging: experiential learning/memories.
  • Team-Work: increases through shared experiences.


  • Our consultant: Tim, with 20+ years experience.
  • All event costs: equipment, location and staffing.
  • Packages: 1 to 5 days – flexible options/locations.
  • Design: to your specific aims/needs/requirements.
  • Planning: e.g. design meetings & venue selection.
  • Production: aims, experiences, outcomes & value.
  • Delivery: venue, logistics, schedule, transport.
  • Venue Management: rooms, food & schedule.
  • Review & feedback reporting: for your team.
  • Extra experiences (optional): fun, outdoor.
  • Expenses (optional): transport, food.
  • Insurance: included.