Festival Activation – Entertainment & Engagement – for Aperol Spritz

The brief was to design & deliver a family friendly pop-up festival – to help promote the brands of Aperol Spritz and Living Ventures, to an audience of 2000 people per day in Manchester’s CBD. Our brief included managing the theme, entire event, consumer engagement, brand ambassadors, music, stage, sound & lighting, plus the integration of the festival with the various operations team on the day.


Sponsored by Aperol, working with Light Blue, Living Ventures & Genre music, we designed, planned, produced and choreographed the entire pop-up festival, with the theme of ‘American Vintage’. 6 of the UKs best American vintage acts delivered great live performances covering rock n roll, jazz, swing, rockabilly and soul.


2000 people experienced the brand, and enjoyed the upcoming and local talent. Conversations started, connections were made, selfies taken, content shared, posts & tweets amplified the brand.