Brand Experience – Christmas in July – Weber Shandwick

Working for Weber Shandwick and their retail client, create an authentic Christmas in July experience, showcasing over 300 products and 200 food products to 180 journalists in London. The aim was to showcase the retail brand and its products, as part of the overall marketing campaign that would drive sales leading up to Christmas 2015.


Our approach considered several important subjects, including the brand and its products, the journalists experience, and the venue. We also considered similar brand experiences, that were relevant to the retail brand, and made improvements where appropriate. Focusing on presentation and delivery, our Make Happen team included experiential specialists, interior stylists, food stylists & event managers.


180 journalists experienced and on-brand Christmas in July, leaving with memories of the brand’s products, in terms of their look, feel and taste. Their multi-sensory experience included the visual appearance and styling of the venue’s 6 rooms, background music aligned to the event & venue, the visual appearance of the 300 products, and the taste of over 200 food products. Journalists explored the venue’s 6 rooms, enjoying breakfast canapes & fizz, sampling lobster and game, sipping cocktails with friends, and chatting about the products.